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For :

  • Improve daily life

  • Take time for yourself and relax, manage your emotions

For  :

  • Preparing for an important event:  Exam,  contest , interview,   sports event

  • Optimize your qualities and skills, your concentration, your memory

  • Increase  its tone

  • Channel sound  energy,

  • Develop the  self-confidence

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Sophrology was created in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist  ALFONSO  CAYCEDO  (born in Bogotá in 1932) graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Madrid.

He was inspired by different conceptions of consciousness through Buddhism, as well as Yoga and Japanese Zen techniques in particular. He created his international university in Andorra in 1988.

Sophrology first developed in the medical field, then in the paramedical field as a complementary technique.

For 30 years now, it has been open to multiple  areas like pedagogy , the sport , and all life events (from childhood to the end of life).

Indeed, sophrology adapts to the needs of children and adolescents  with his playful approach to managing emotions, understanding his body image, just like  seniors . Sophrology is part of our daily life  to accompany us throughout life.

Sophrology techniques are used for preparation for exams, competitions , as well as for preparation for  sports competitions . They improve memory and facilitate learning. They allow to improve its performances and its faculties of recovery.

In the same way, future mothers discover this wonderful technique when preparing for childbirth.

And in our present hectic life, it is a tool to find a  sleep   of quality, repairer, recoverer.


Sophrology will restore the lost harmony. It will restore order where stress has caused disorder. Sophrology gives us the means to take a step back from stressful circumstances.

Caycedian Sophrology puts in osmosis and synergy the three dimensions of man: past, present and future by reuniting the person in his story.



SOS:          Peace – Harmony – Serenity

PHREN:   Mind – Consciousness – Brain

LOGOS:   Discourse – Science – Study

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