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A group session starts with a fun sophrology time that allows you to move from the day's activity to the sophrology session itself very gently.

Then, time is devoted to a specific technique. Throughout the year new tools will be presented progressively and accessible to all. You will be invited to use these tools in your daily life and to measure the benefits (everyone remains free to use them or not).

The session always ends with a time for discussion where everyone is free to share their experience with the group.



Sophrology offered in cultural centers

of Lalande and Mazades.

Collective sessions take place in small groups (6 to 10 people)  

The organization "  A break time  » started its activity in September 2012. Its objective is to propose various techniques which allow the improvement of the well-being, the quality of life, the relational quality on the personal and professional levels by the practice of various techniques. The services of this association are aimed at all audiences.


Monday: 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.     Tuesday: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.



1 session (1h) = 15 €      4 sessions = 1 month = 48 €     12 sessions = 1 trimester = 120 €

36 sessions = 1 year = 290 €

(membership of the association = 15 € included)


Lalande entertainment center   
Hall of the old cinema

217 bis avenue de Fronton, Toulouse Lalande


I come to your home, contact me for a one-hour session (costs to be shared by the number of people and transport costs outside Toulouse).

Your testimonials:
Ocean Rocks

"  Thank you XXL for all this attention to our little people!  »

"  Only happiness, relaxation, well-being and everything and everything…. !  »

"  Thank you for all the well-being this year…!  »

"  Elisabeth and the sophro lesson or the Tuesday sun!  »    

"  Thank you for this long-awaited moment in the week!  »

"  Very pleasant discovery of sophrology on this pretty path to happiness!  »

"  It is an undeniable help for my reconstruction, in association body / spirit. I was able to rediscover my own values and rehabilitate my body gently!  »

"  Small compliment for an ode to my sophrology course…..

Stop humor, I was looking for an activity where to take a break in a life like all lives made of joys, happiness, worries, sorrows...

I wanted to find a method to give myself  self-confidence, rekindle my hope in life and develop a more peaceful attitude to  day-to-day.  And I found  !
After a year and a half of weekly sessions around Elisabeth, a convinced, open, warm leader, a friendly group was formed, simple, pragmatic, respectful of each person's personality, open to everyday issues. Through exercises that put us for an hour in close contact with ourselves, in a time that belongs only to us, we leave more able to approach more peacefully and with confidence the vagaries of our lives.

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