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Well-being and quality of life at work (QVT)





The world of work is constantly changing.


Today, it's more about giving meaning to one's work , living one's activity in fulfillment, with respect for men and women.

Well-being at work is the result of a balance between the interest of the work, the atmosphere, the feeling of responsibility, of recognition, the valuation of the work carried out. 

This evolution goes through managerial practices based on communication, support for change.


HRD services are based on studies proving the link between economic efficiency, productivity and commitment, fulfillment, health.

This is about valuing the pleasure of working.


Well-being at work goes hand in hand with efficiency and performance.


To build my interventions, I rely on my experience of 25 years in business, on the techniques of sophrology, cardiac coherence that I have been practicing for 10 years.




I work on different formats:


  • Collective discovery sessions

  • Collective sessions on a project for a small group

  • Thematic workshops (stress management, knowing yourself better to communicate better with others, team cohesion, taming your emotions, learning to create an SAS between professional and personal life, etc.)


During sessions, times are shared:


  • Theoretical contributions,

  • Experimentation,

  • Playful and bodily techniques on self-knowledge,

  • Exchanges on feelings.


At the end of the sessions, everyone is free to use the tools offered to appropriate them and integrate them into their daily professional or personal life.

I adapt to the request of the needs of the company , the service, the team to offer the most appropriate program possible.….

Sessions can take place face-to-face by videoconference.

Prices: on estimate.

They trust me :


  • Toulouse City Hall

  • Departmental Council

  • DRF (Regional Delegation for Training) Prefecture of Haute Garonne

  • Montauban Hospital Center

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